Peoples Clinic believes quality health care should be affordable to all. In our effort to support this belief, we offer financial assistance and payment plans. After claims are filed with available insurance, the amount each patient is asked to pay will be determined by using a sliding fee scale, based on family size and income. The sliding scale co-pay amount begins at $20 per medical visit and dental visit. Patients who have not turned in the Annual Registration Form are not eligible for sliding fee discounts or payment plans.

It is important that you pay your part of the cost for your care. Cash, checks, credit and debit cards are accepted. Effective April, 2012 - your insurance co-pay or minimum fee is required at every visit. You will receive a monthly statement of your account for any remaining balance owed. Patient accounts or your payment plan should be up-to-date before your next appointment. A statement of your account will be sent each month. A benefits counselor is available to answer questions and help determine financial eligibility for programs to assist with your health care costs.

To be eligible for financial assistance, each applicant must meet minimum gross income requirements set by the Federal Poverty Guidelines to qualify and receive financial assistance. Eligibility indicators are family income and family size.  A family is defined as one or more individuals who are financially dependent as determined by the IRS.

Peoples Clinic requires verification of income for financial assistance.  Refusal of an applicant to provide requested information will result in denial of financial assistance.

Financial assistance will not be granted if fraudulent information is given at the time of registration or on the Declaration of Income Form.

All third-party payments will be collected prior to providing financial assistance.

Patients with no insurance are encouraged to apply for Medicaid/Title 19 coverage.  Patients under 18, ineligible for Medicaid/Title 19, are encouraged to apply for HAWK I coverage. To apply online for Medicaid, use your Internet browser and go to the DHS Services Portal.  If you would like help, Peoples Clinic has Outreach & Enrollment counselors to help with this process.

Financial Assistance applies to most medical and dental procedures.  It does not apply to dental lab costs, court ordered services, or immigration documentation charges.
To DOWNLOAD a financial assistance packet, please click here:     English     Spanish     Bosnian

To view the sliding fee discount scale, please click here:

To pay your bill online, go to the Payment Portal.

If you have any questions, please call the Billing Department at (319) 272-4300. 

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