There are many online sites with information on how to find local food in the Cedar Valley. Not only does buying local food support the area growers, but it usually ensures that you are getting fresh, quality products you can count on as well.

A convenient place to find a variety of different options is at your area farmer’s market. Check out this link to see the Cedar Valley Farmer’s Market Schedule.

The UNI Center for Energy & Environmental Education has also compiled a list of local food vendors and how to contact them. They even offer a handy Find Local Food tool!

Be sure to follow @UNILocalFoodProgram and @WaterlooGreenstoGo pages on Facebook to stay up to date on events and cancellations as well.

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The website for the Black Hawk County Iowa State Extension is another great source that offers information on different programs for the community. Events like gardening classes, nutrition workshops, and even things like canning and preservation classes can all be found online.

One local family working to make food a sustainable effort in their own way is the Kaiser family. Click here to find their website for more information on their farm and how to order through them! Be sure to check them out on Facebook as well @KaiserFarm!

List of Local Food Resources
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