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Welcome to Peoples Community Health Clinic!


"Peoples Community Health Clinic, Inc. is dedicated to providing access to affordable, compassionate, high quality healthcare for all."



**Looking to pay your bill online? Go to https://peoplesclinic.posibill.com/

Welcome to the Peoples Community Health Clinic, Inc. (PCHC) web site. Peoples Clinic has been providing high quality health care services in the Cedar Valley area for over a quarter century. Born in 1976, as part of the fight for social justice and equity in health care, it was first housed in the basement of Antioch Baptist Church and staffed by volunteers. We continue to achieve our mission of improving the health status of the residents of the Cedar Valley, especially the medically underserved, through a quality, primary care system.

Peoples Clinic offers the following health care services:

The concept of "Community" is the heart of our organization. The Board of Directors must represent the people we serve. Over 50% of the Board of Directors must be comprised of consumers of Peoples Clinic services. While Peoples Clinic is owned and operated by people living in our community, grant funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Health Resources and Services Administration makes it possible to offer financial assistance in the form of sliding fee discounts to low income individuals.

I wish to thank the many caring individuals, organizations and charitable foundations for their support of Peoples Clinic's mission. Thanks also goes to the staff, volunteers and Board of Directors who are all responsible for achieving the vision of optimal health for all.


Jennifer Lightbody, Chief Executive Officer