7 Reasons to Consider a Nurse Practitioner for Your Primary Care

Have you considered a nurse practitioner for your primary care? If not, perhaps you should!

According to Elizabeth M. Clarke, FNP, MSN, RN, MSSW, in an article written for NurseJournal.org, research shows that the care provided by nurse practitioners “is similar to physicians, without any statistically significant difference in outcomes.” She goes on to say that, in fact, in some areas, “the patients under the care of NPs have fewer hospitalizations, hospital readmissions, and emergency room visits.”

At Peoples Clinic, NPs work in a collaborative environment with doctors, nurses, and other NPs. This allows the entire healthcare team to use their individual skill sets, training, and experience to deliver the best possible care for their patients.

Doctor Listening to Patient

Below is a list of seven reasons why you should consider a Nurse Practitioner for your primary care.

1. It is often easier to get an appointment

While the shortages of doctors in the Midwest continues to be a challenge, we have seen a rise in the number of nurse practitioners (NP). These high-level, medical providers can assess, diagnose, and treat patients of all types.

2. They tend to treat more holistically

NPs are well trained in wellness programs and counseling in order to provide the best primary care for patients. They are usually more open to holistic health and offer more education. They will counsel patients about making lifestyle choices that can reduce their disease risk, always making sure to approach patients as individuals. This helps the patient receive the proper treatment necessary for an overall healthy lifestyle.

3. They can spend more time with patients

Nurse practitioners often can spend more time with their patients, leading to a better knowledge of their health history. Patients are encouraged to be honest and forthright about their diet, lifestyle, physical health and mental health. This will help the NP better assess a patient's overall health, as well as paint a clearer picture of the necessary steps to having better health.

4. They are team players

Nurse practitioners work in concert with other doctors, nurses, specialists, and other NPs in order to provide the patient with the most stress-free care possible. This can be especially helpful for those who need tests and acute care.

5. They are long-term partners

This means that a nurse practitioner will follow up with a patient during their journey to better health, that they know almost everything about each of their patients' history. If you decide to consult with a nurse practitioner, you can rest easy knowing that they will factor in overall lifestyle and living conditions to better assess each aspect of your health.

6. They focus on individuality

In order to get the best primary care, your NP must know the entirety of your overall health. This includes things like diet, exercise and mental health. Nurse practitioners will work with you personally to take the best steps forward with your health. Not only will they look at the bigger picture, but they will also personally contact specialists, if needed, and recommend medications or lifestyle changes to move you toward better health.

7. They can do almost everything you need

Nurse practitioners can assess patients; order, perform, supervise, and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests. They can make diagnoses and can initiate and manage treatments plans including prescribing medication and non-pharmacologic treatments. They coordinate care with other necessary providers, educate patients and their families and their communities.

Choose care that aligns with your needs

Take a moment to read a little bit about our primary care providers and find one that aligns best with your healthcare needs. Each of our Nurse Practitioners specializes in specific areas of care, such as obesity, chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, or women’s health. Choosing a provider that specializes in the needs most important to you will offer you the best possible care relationship.

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