Peoples Community Health Clinic in Waterloo is a Test Iowa Pick Up Site only. 

Peoples Clinic has Free At-Home Test Kits available for pick up at the front desk during business hours. Test Kits can be dropped off at UPS to be sent for testing. 

For information how to complete the At-Home Testing Kits, please visit COVID-19 Videos | Black Hawk County Public Health (

If You Have Moderate or Severe COVID-19 Symptoms 

Moderate to severe COVID-19 illness may include fever, chills, persistent cough or other symptoms.  If you have difficulty breathing, pain in your chest or other serious symptoms, please call 911 or visit the emergency department.

If You Have Mild COVID-19 Symptoms or No Symptoms

If you have mild COVID-19 illness, no symptoms (asymptomatic) following a COVID-19 exposure or need testing for other reasons, you may pick up an At-Home Test Kit from our front desk at our Waterloo location. Mild COVID-19 illness may include headache, low grade fever, cough, sore throat, congestion, muscle aches or other symptoms.