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We want you to know your rights as a patient. These Peoples Clinic notices and policies offer more information about what you can expect at our clinics. If at any time you have questions or are concerned about the care you receive, contact us or speak with your provider.

Patients shall receive courteous and individualized health care that is equitable, humane, and given without discrimination as to race, color, creed, sex, national origin, source of payment, or ethical or political beliefs.

Patients shall receive information about their diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment- including alternatives to care and risks involved- in terms they and their families can readily understand, so that they can give their informed consent.

Patients shall receive information about the qualifications, names, and titles of personnel responsible for providing their health care.

Patients may refuse to allow observations by those not directly involved in their case.

Patients can refuse treatments, medications, or participation in research and experimentation WITHOUT punitive action being taken against them.

Patients shall receive appropriate instruction and education from health care personnel so that they can achieve an optimal level of wellness and an understanding of their basic health needs.

Patients shall have confidentiality of all their records (Except as otherwise provided for by law or third-party payor contracts) and all communications, written an oral, between patients and health care providers.

Patients have the right of access to all health records pertaining to them, the right to challenge and to have their records corrected for accuracy, and the right to transfer all such records in the case of continuing care.

Patients have the right to information on the charges for services, including the right to challenge these.

Above all, patients have the right to be fully informed as to all of their rights in all health care settings.

(Taken from- National League of Nursing Pub. No. 11-1671)